Nader/Gonzalez for USA
President 2008

Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez are running as third party candidates in the USA Presidential elections in 2008. In reality though, they are running as challengers to the ONE PARTY Republicrat/Demoblican duopoly that has embedded itself in the US governmental suites of US corporate America.

As Ralph Nader correctly states in his book, 'Crashing the Party', "both the Republican and Democratic parties are delivering our elections and our government to the highest bidders at the expense of our democratic processes". No where is this more apparent than with the establishment of the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), formed in 1988 by a private corporation headed by the co-chairs of the republican and democratic committees. Funded heavily by companies such as Philip Morris, Anheuser-Busch, Ford Motor Co., and AT&T, the CPD was specifically put into place to exclude third party candidates and limit the parameters of the debate choice for president to the ONE PARTY duopoly.

As Ralph has correctly noted, "each time the cycle of power has favored more democracy, our country has prospered- a rising tide lifting all boats. Each time the cycle of corporate plutocracy (rule by the rich) has lengthened, injustices and shortcomings proliferate".

Truely, it is high time to stand up against the ONE PARTY corporate duopoly in America, and assert the enormous leverage we, the American citizenry, have in "equaliberalizing" the democratic republic governance equation, now desperately out of balance.

Vote your conscience on November, 2008, America. The choice between the 'lesser of two evils' is the central strategem used by the plutocratic duopoly to keep themselves solely in power and unchallenged.

Its time to SMASH this bankrupt ideology once and for all this upcoming election season and take our country back from the corporatists and robber barons who have illegally usurped our rights as citizens to govern our own country.

Steve Jones
P.O. Box 1141
Boulder, Colorado


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